It is our aim in nursery to ensure that: 

  • All children are provided with the care, attention and cuddles they need to feel secure in the environment.

  • All children are successful and achieve their full potential.

  • All children are engaged in high quality experiences.

  • Partnerships with parents and carers are met.

  • We liaise with outside agencies and the local community.

  • All children are involved with local area guidelines – 0-3 curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence.

  • We monitor and evaluate our practice and encourage the continual professional development of all staff, in order to develop and improve the centre.

  • All our children work towards being, successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.



The physical garden

This area is adjacent to the nursery and covered with a rubberised safe play surface and is suitable for taking the curriculum outdoors.  Learning experiences involve the use of balls, bats, bikes, scooters, tunnel, large climbing frame, imaginative play, large construction, group games and much more!!!!

The sensory garden

This area has been further developed to allow children to investigate, problem solve, plan and make informative decisions for themselves. It is based on the theory of Loose parts which promotes imaginative play.

This garden allows children to build using den materials, plant seeds, herbs and flowers and take care of them.  Measure rainfall, feed the local wildlife and recycle vegetable and fruit waist in the compost bin.  The rope swing provides children with a sense of freedom and fun, a reflection zone is provided for children to have a quiet chill out time listening to music or to take time to reflect on their day.